Meth Testing with Confidential Accurate Laboratory results Meth Solutions & insights service for NZ Properties Protect Me Specialist Pre Purchase inspections with expert Registered LBP Building Inspections for peace of mind
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Inspection specialists 

Protect Me specialise in pre purchase inspections & accurate Methamphetamine testing services. If you need to know the exact situation of your next purchase or to test your property for Meth give us a call.

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 Our expert building team will help you identify weather tightness, moisture and structural condition and our testing staff have expertise in Niosh 9111 testing standards completing intensive training to ensure accurate & confidential results every time. With over 30 years experience in the building industry and fully Licensed Building Practitioners why not call us today for peace of mind.

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Meth Testing Options




Basic Meth Test

Determine if meth is present

Using a presumptive immunoassay test we can determine the presence of methamphetamine in your property. This is the same test used in laboratories to detect a minimum reading of 0.5 micrograms per 100cm2. If Methamphetamine is detected we recommend a Meth levels test to obtain a detailed specific levels report.




Meth Levels as a Total

A lab test with a combined result

Samples are collected from key areas to determine the overall level of methamphetamine and sent to a IANZ accredited laboratory, measuring down to 0.02 micrograms per 100cm2. This test is Ideal for anyone wanting more detail, whether you are buying, renting, selling or managing a property.




Detailed Meth Levels

Lab tested areas with individual results

In this test we sample each room separately, giving a laboratory level for each individual area. This test is ideal if a compound level test has identified meth residue, intensive sampling will assist you in discovering where the Meth is located  so you can isolate the extent of remediation that may be required.

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information on meth

Why test for Meth?

This is your largest asset, if you live in a house with high contamination levels, it can have profound implications on you and your loved ones health. Methamphetamine contamination is rarely visible and Labs operate in all suburbs, rich or poor. Loss of rental income while decontamination occurs. Tenants are being awarded compensation as a result of living in a contaminated property.

Who  needs to know?

At present there is no requirement (subject to that which may be imposed by the terms & conditions of some insurance policies) to tell the Police or Council, you are required to tell tenants if levels exceed current acceptable Ministry of Health guidelines, and or any prospective purchaser.

What are the common signs?

Strong odours similar to fingernail polish remover, cat urine or ammonia. Chemical stained fixtures in kitchen and bathroom. Excessive rubbish that includes large amounts of discarded containers, drain cleaner, antifreeze and red stained coffee filters. Stained soil or dead vegetation. Excessive Security cameras around the property.

Does the test result go on my LIM?

Usually this occurs only when Police get involved and they have enough evidence to strongly indicate or they have confirmation that Methamphetamine has been manufactured on your property.

Useful websites for property owners

For Auckland City Council information please visit:

Auckland City & Meth P Contamination

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